Best Tips for Traveling

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Best Tips and Trick for Traveling in the World by Indonesian Car Rental   I’m just person who love travel and share to many people that Indonesia is a gorgeous Country with lots of natural, religious, marine, and culture tourism. Now with my unfluently english language try to explain how to preparing your self before do some travel.   1. Please be Patien Because different island or country has different culture try to understand 1st how they works .. do not afraid of not getting Hospital, ATM (if your plan trip to some island not a country), market, or others, just make sure that your still have the smart phone. 2. Every day try to wake up in the early morning For me wake up in the morning was so grateful because i can see the sunrise and joy the clean air with coffee or tea.. The important is, we can start the journey earlier to get many spot tourism in that place. 3. Have Some Extra Money Please put your money separately, at your clean sock, another pants, or survival kit bag, don’t put in the same place like pocket. Just in case you forgot the wallet or lost it… you still have extra money to survive. 4. Get a credit card Bring your credit card easy to make some payment’s deals without bring all your money, or can pay if you have some accident. 5. Chit Chat With People Around Smile and good attitude is is the fast way to conversation with local people, you can collect some culture and tourism spot besides your 1st destination there. Try with simple basic english and gesture to explain what you want, and be patient if you don’t get it.. ^^, try it too the culinary, just tell them if your love it or tell your stomach can’t cooperate if you dislike the food or make some excuse to refuse the food gently. 6. Have Backup Data Important to me for backup all my data (pictures of moment and stories about my journey) at online hard drive online, just in case if your gadget stolen… 7. Always Check the Traveler Alert Always Check departments travel warning and alerts where ever your destination. 8. Stay On your Google Maps Get lost? hahaha just like me… don’t know about direction to vacation place and bit confused talk with local people, check my phone battery and turn on my google maps.. even though not every place and street  can track by google maps… still help me out. 9. Bring your Survival Kit Inside of Survival Kit Bag in your bag must have : . Sewing Kit . Fire Stater and water proof light match . Wire Saw . Whistle . Nylon Rope . Candle . Cotton . Every Day Carrie Medication Drugs Tablets or Capsules, Ex : Allergic drug, Diarrhea . Cure Wound Drug . Multi Tools Pliers . Glow Stick  ...

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Kami menyediakan transportasi mobil, bus, dan motor di jogja.    

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